Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have stock?

Some of our products are partially assembled and can have a quick finish. Most are build specific to the customers demand.

Can I get a quote on some of that Zippertubing®?

The name of the company is Zippertubing® and the products can vary. Please contact our technical support or engineering to find what product suits your application best.

How are the part numbers depicted?

part numbers sheet

Example – ZT99-16-052-1.0-B-B
ZT – This is the start of all finished products
ZTXX | XX = the number of year that the product was fist built.
ZT99-XX | XX = the product series ( Include series chart)
ZT99-16-XXX | XXX= Next number in line for that series.
ZT99-16-052-X.X | X.X = the diameter of the product.
ZT99-16-052-1.0-X | X = the color of the track
ZT99-16-052-1.0-B-X | X = the color of the jacket
ZT99-16-052-1.0-B-B-X600.0 | For customer parts the part can include a length as described in inches.

Are your products UL rated?

Many of our bundling and shielding products are UL rated. Look for the UL mark on the product page or go here for a full list of our UL rated products.

Do you make custom lengths or is there a standard size that comes on a spool?

Most of our products can be provided in custom lengths and ready to install. We can also easily add drain wire extensions, lugs, terminals, or other end finishing details that your project requires.

I’m not sure what track closure would be best for my application, do you have a recommendation?

You can review our track comparison here or call one of our customer service or engineering representatives to help decide on the best closure.

What size tape should I order and how much should I buy?

Every installation is different but you can check out our tape wrapping guide for recommendations on usage.

I can’t find my part number on your site?

If the part number starts ZTZ- or ZTR- you may have an old part number. Please contact one of our customer service or engineering representatives to help you determine the appropriate updated part number.

What is the shelf life of my product and do you have storage recommendations?

Shelf life information can be found (link to shelf life document).

I used to use a chemical to seal the track after closing it, do you still have that?

The ZTQ sealing process is no longer recommended, we now recommend using ZT-Tape to seal the track.

What is the MOQ?

The MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is different for each product. Please request a quote from our customer service team at Lead time and Minimum order quantity will be included on this quote.

How to convert Zippertubing's®  v/Mil to voltage?

500 v/Mil x 35 Mil (thickness) = 17.5 Kv (17,500 Volts)

Convert inches to Mil:  0.035" X 1000 = 35 Mil(Thousandth of an inch)

Questions and Comments

If you have any other questions, please contact us here or by mail at

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