The appliance industry, and their consumers, demand functional and protective solutions that withstand a variety of conditions.
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Appliances fill our homes and so many different work environments. The appliance industry continues to evolve and require dependable, high quality parts to ensure functionality. Zippertubing® solutions can repair, protect, and shield crucial components that are within appliances. From easily installed cable protection and bundling, to EMI shielding for wires as small as 0.015” in diameter, there is a solution to solve both common and unique component challenges.

As with the electronics and computer industry, appliance manufacturers often need to comply with FCC regulations regarding radiated emissions, or CE if selling in Europe. A wide range of Zippertubing® products meet these restrictions and specifications, such as RoHS compliant, UL-rated, and MIL-SPEC. Since 1957, Zippertubing® products have proven to be trusted and tested solutions for production lines, specialty robots, and heavy machinery.


Zippertubing® carries many types of EMI shielding materials that can be added to troublesome areas on appliances to pass certification tests, along with a line of wrap-around heat-shrink solutions for repairs and capabilities to create a custom solution for any other need including thermal barriers.

Preserve time and money on appliance production, regulations, and repairs.

Zippertubing® creates solutions for the appliance industry to comply with the standards and special regulations for production.

How are Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Appliance industry?

  • Custom sized EMI shields with quick disconnects for shield grounding
  • Repair cracked or damaged wire insulation on power cables or wires for any voltage 120V/240V/480V
  • EMI shielding for wiring or ribbon cables connecting to main control boards or other integrated control circuits
  • Thermal barrier materials to protect wires or sensitive components from heating elements, flames, or other sources of high temperatures
  • Flexible wire protection for high cycle parts such as hinges, doors, and controls
  • Water blocking hot-melt adhesive for protecting wires and components that may get wet or exposed to moisture
  • Highly abrasion-resistant jacketing with a long service life
  • Individual custom part marking and assembly labeling available