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The farming and agriculture industry requires solutions that promise long-lasting, reliable protection and repair for components exposed to dirty, rugged environments.
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With constant exposure to fluid, dirt, and abrasion, protection that will not degrade in performance from these conditions are necessary for the farming and agriculture industry. Zippertubing® solutions offer superior abrasion resistance, fluid resistance, and complete security against dirt and debris. Our products, such as our ZTT® (ALR-550) that can shield wires from temperatures up to 1,022°F, to our Zip-On® (DVH) that can protect from extreme abrasion, we can guarantee there is a product that will solve your unique challenge.

From our rugged, wrap-around heat shrink to our capsaicin-infused rodent repelling tape, no matter the conditions, there is a proven Zippertubing® product that can be the long-lasting solution. With material that can withstand extreme heat to closures that can be a permanent, complete seal against debris, Zippertubing® can customize a product with pairing different jacketing, closures and shielding to solve any component challenge.

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Farming equipment exposed to harsh environmental conditions will deteriorate in performance over time. Zippertubing® solutions will outlast rodents chewing, aggressive abrasion, and high temperatures to ensure long-lasting protection of components.

Wires are not created for fluid, abrasion and rodent exposure, but Zippertubing® solutions are.

Farming and agriculture machinery and equipment endure consistent environmental corrosion. Zippertubing® manufactures with premium-grade, high-quality materials and closures to guarantee a long-lasting solution for wires on tractors, balers, plows, mowers, and planters.

How are Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Farming and Agriculture industry?

  • Thick, durable jacketing materials that will outlast consistent abrasion and flexing
  • Closure systems that seal against dirt and debris exposure
  • Wrap-around rodent repelling sleeve and tape to protect from rats and vermin chewing or biting through
  • High-temperature heat shielding materials that can protect components from direct heat as well as components that are in close proximity to wires or cables that emit extreme heat
  • Proven solutions that can be installed in the field without requiring tools or disassembly
  • Customization capabilities to engineer a product for any unique farming machine or equipment
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