Zippertubing® ensures the rail system components are shielded from interference, abrasion, and high temperatures.
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Although a simple method of transportation, railway system components can be quite diverse and complex, and face challenges similar to the aerospace industry. The rail industry has many aspects of operation and maintenance, such as high-speed public transit, diesel engines hauling large amounts of cargo, light rail for urban transit, subway trains, monorail trains for airports or amusement parks, and many others.

Just as an airliner must meet FAA requirements, rail systems must comply Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) requirements. Zippertubing® carries proven solutions and raw materials to create custom applications that comply with those FRA requirements, as well as other specific needs to solve problems that occur in the rail transport system.


Zippertubing® manufactures custom and proven solutions to the rail industry to meet FRA requirements for testing and application, and to resolve many other issues that may fall under the need for EMI shielding, cable management, heat shielding.

With rail systems carrying valuable cargo, ensuring all wires and cables operate as they should is crucial.

Zippertubing® solves component challenges that the rail industry faces due to the wide range of capabilities and materials utilized to manufacture the products.

How are Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Rail industry?

  • High-voltage cable protection for wires and cables in the power supply system
  • Halogen-free cable bundling and EMI shielding
  • Tapered EMI shields and jacketing for in-line cable connections or splices
  • Crane festoon cable EMI shielding and protective jacketing
  • Durable and flexible cable shielding to meet high vibration requirements
  • Upgraded harness protection and EMI shielding for refurbishment or replacement
  • Wrap-around cable repair or protection that is field installable