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As research and development continues to help revolutionize and refine technology, the need for reliable, trusted products to assist in testing is crucial.
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Many colleges and universities are granted spending for research and development each year. In addition to the education spectrum, many companies invest in R&D to allow for continued innovation within products and production. Zippertubing® solutions complete the systems and equipment tested with providing custom EMI shielding, heat shrink, cable protection, and heat shielding.

From specialized electronics, such as robots, to developing systems for production, such as new, complex equipment, Zippertubing® offers a wide range of products and the ability to customize to any shape, specification, or size. Our team of Engineers will work with you to prototype and manufacture based on any unique application.

Research and Development Industry benefits

As our technology continues to advance, so does the need for smaller wires and complex operations. With an increase of moving parts and smaller diameter components, flexible, lightweight products a necessity. Zippertubing® manufactures EMI shielding solutions for wires as small as 0.015” in diameter, and can protect 360° around any type of cables, high flexing or stagnant.

Research and development is all about testing the uncertain, but Zippertubing® solutions provide dependability and efficiency.

If your project requires shielding from EMI or high temperatures, or needs bundling and protection from constant movement, we have a wide product line that will solve any component challenge. Whether an enhancement or a repair, Zippertubing® will customize a prototype and finished solution for any project.

How are Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Research and Development industry?

  • EMI, RFI, and EMF shielding for the smallest or largest of wires
  • Bundling and protection for flexing robot arms
  • Wrap-around heat shielding for components that cannot be disassembled
  • Hot-melt adhesive tape to protect wires or cables from fluids and oils
  • Clear heat shrink for cables that need to be clearly identified
  • Industry-leading Engineering team to assist in prototyping the perfect solution
Research and Development Industry features