Residential & Commercial Construction

Heavy-duty solutions that provide protection from EMI, heat, and abrasion for the most rugged of construction environments.
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The construction industry demands consistency, reliability and durability. Whether residential construction or industrial construction, heavy machinery is exposed to harsh conditions. Zippertubing® offers a wide selection of products that are just as tough as the machines they are installed on. The materials that make up these products have been independently field tested for great abrasion resistance. With the help of our industry-leading Engineering team, you can combine these materials and create a custom solution that solves your particular EMI, heat or abrasion-protection challenges.

Zippertubing® solutions provide additional abrasion protection barriers, bundling, or protection against EMI, heat, wear, and rust. With materials ranging from military-grade polymer films to reinforced coated fabrics, we can guarantee protection of your heavy machinery components.


When using heavy equipment, the risks are high for the operator or those around the machine. From repair to equipment failure, the hazards can be quite costly. Zippertubing® offers proven solutions that will resolve these failures and ensure safety and long-lasting equipment reliability.

Heavy-duty machinery demands heavy-duty protection solutions.

Zippertubing® offers a wide range of materials and products that will protect, bundle, or shield your equipment. Whether your application requires an abrasion-resistant, wrap-around cable bundling solution, or a high frequency, EMI shielding heat shrink solution, we will manufacture a custom product for your unique needs.

Where can you find Zippertubing® products installed in the Construction industry?

  • Flexible, EMI shielded bundling and control box covers for mobile cranes
  • High-quality abrasion protection for hydraulic lines
  • EMI shielded motor and manifold covers
  • Heat shielding protective sleeves for sensitive fluid lines in engine compartments
  • Wrap-around heat shrinkable tubing with hot melt adhesive for water blocking of repairs
  • Stainless-steel wire mesh that can bundle and provide EMI shielding for cables
  • Cable bundling with webbing and hardware for added attachment points and stability