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Z-Wrap® is an economical, lightweight wrap-around jacket system for round, flat or rectangular cables utilizing Zippertubing's type PVL-10, RPU, DVH-20 or other materials and a pressure-sensitive adhesive closure. A strip of high-strength, specially formulated Acrylic adhesive is bonded to one edge to provide a secure and flexible closure. The closure allows installation without the need for secondary tooling on assemblies that do not require re-entry and where a "pull-thru" jacket is undesirable.

The thin and highly flexible adhesive closure allows for extremely tight cable bends. The reinforced construction of Zippertubing's coated fabric materials provides good wear resistance combined with high tear strength. Z-Wrap® is ideal for discrete wires, wire harnesses, hoses, and other applications where flexibility, strength, and abrasion protection is needed. A wide variety of custom materials, sizes, and colors are available.

Z-Wrap® (PVL)

Z-Wrap® (PVL)

Lightweight Adhesive Closed PVC Coated Polyester Jacket, 10 Mil

Z-Wrap® (PFR)

Z-Wrap® (PFR)

Flexible Adhesive Closed Flame Retardant Polyurethane Jacket

Z-Wrap® (DVH)

Z-Wrap® (DVH)

Lightweight Adhesive Closed PVC Coated Polyester Jacket, 20 Mil

Z-Wrap® (RPU)

Z-Wrap® (RPU)

Lightweight Adhesive Closed Non-PVC Reinforced White Polyurethane Jacket

Z-Wrap® (PFR)

Drawing No. ZT18-04-002

Part No. ZT18-04-002-0.375

Flexible Adhesive Closed Flame Retardant Polyurethane Jacket

  • Ideal for discrete wires, hoses, wire harnesses, and other applications that require a secure, flexible, flame-retardant, chemical and fluid resistant abrasion protection jacket
  • A wrap-around, cut to length, adhesive closure solution that is MIL-SPEC compliant and requires no additional tools
  • 360° cable or wire protection with exceptional wear resistance

Cable Diameter


Unit Length:




Z-Wrap® (PFR) is a pliable, wrap-around, flame retardant, secondary jacket protection solution for your cables or wires, and more. Z-Wrap® (PFR) uses a soft, stretchy, dense, rubber-like poly (ether) urethane jacketing material, ideal for applications that require mechanical protection, with flexibility, fluid resistance or low smoke and non-toxic gas generation, and MIL-SPEC compliance. Z-Wrap® (PFR) can be customized to fit virtually any length, and sizes from 0.375” to 8.0”, offering an economical solution with a cut to length, adhesive closure system, allowing for easy installation with no additional tooling required.

The (PFR) Polyurethane film creates an exceptional wear resistance, strength, and abrasion protection reinforcement for wires or cables. Combined with the high bond strength and high temperature adhesive closure, the total solution allows for the combined materials to create a 360° protection solution, where flexibility for tight cable bends are needed.


  • Flame Retardant and Fluid Resistant
  • Cut to Length, Adhesive Closure, No Additional Tools Needed


  • Offers flexible abrasion protection and wear resistance for wires or cables
  • Economical adhesive closure solution, no additional tools necessary

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Product Specifications

Minimum Operating Temperature -40 ° F (-40 ° C )
Maximum Operating Temperature 225 ° F (107 ° C )

Available Attributes

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Cable Diameter 0.375" 0.5" 0.625" 0.75" 0.875" 1.0" 1.125" 1.375" 1.5" 1.625" 1.75" 1.875" 2.0" 2.125" 2.25" 2.375" 2.5" 2.625" 2.75" 2.875" 3.0" 3.125" 3.25" 3.375" 3.5" 3.625" 3.75" 3.875" 4.0" Custom
Exterior Material PFR-10
Closure Adhesive

Material Specifications

Specifications subject to change without notice. All statements and technical information contained herein are based on tests we believe to be reliable, but the accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed under all circumstances. Before using Zippertubing® products, the user shall determine suitabilituriy for the intended use, and user assumes all responsibility for improper selection. Published attenuation values of Zippertubing® shielding have been verified by laboratory testing of the respective shielding materials. Actual installed attenuation values may differ due to installation techniques and final assembly operation parameters which are beyond the control of Zippertubing®. Actual attenuation values can only be determined by the end user testing the completed assembly. U.S. and International Patents and patents pending. © 2019 The Zippertubing® Company, Chandler, Arizona.

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