Zippertubing has been building quality products and solutions since 1957 image Building Quality Products & Solutions Since 1957

Bulk Order Packaging

No matter the quantity, we’ve got it under wraps with any
packaging requirement, including bulk order packaging.

The Zippertubing® Company has been a top customer solutions provider across industries with specific size and quantity needs.

As an all in-inclusive manufacturer, we offer our customers quality control assurance with anything we engineer, prototype, manufacture, pack, and ship in-house.

We have the capacity to bulk package high-production products and deliver them to customers and distributors virtually anywhere in the world. This helps our customers maintain the quality, reliability, and excellence of their services. We can accommodate any of your special packaging requirements, from excluding prohibited materials to creating custom foam cuts that will safeguard your products.

Zippertubing® is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified, so our customers are assured the highest quality & shipping standards are always met.

Speak to an Engineer Today!

We have highly experienced and friendly engineers on site ready to assist you in all your projects.

Our specialty is customization and that includes being able to provide our quality products to customers no matter the size or quantity.

You can rest assured that whatever your bulk order shipping requirements, The Zippertubing® Company will deliver.

No order is too large for The Zippertubing® Company to handle.

In addition to providing customizable bulk packaging options, we provide shipping arrangements based on your specific needs:

  • Custom packaging restrictions or exclusions
  • Specialty packaging items needed
  • Scheduled delivery dates
  • Monthly shipment and delivery dates
  • International shipping

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