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Kevlar (KWF-24) with Drawing Number: 1131

Kevlar (KWF-24)

Specification No. 1131

Flexible and Rugged, Kevlar 24 Style 745, 24 Mil

  • Perfect for industries where strength and abrasion protection are required
  • Offers excellent flexibility and can be used in a multitude of combinations
  • With the right configurations, this material will withstand just about anything

Raw materials are not sold separately, please contact the sales department for any special requirements.

Material Specifications

Kevlar (KWF-24)

Material Kevlar 24 Style 745 Ballistic Fabric
Maximum Operating Temperature 350 ° F (177 ° C )
Material Color Natural (Yellow)
Decomposition 800° to 900°F
Weight 14 oz. sq. yd
Break Strength (width) 1800 lbs/in
Recommended Maximum Temperature Range for Long-Term Use in Air 300° to 350°F
Break Strength (length) 1600 lbs/in
Chemical Resistance Good
Weave Plain
Denier 3000
Minimum Operating Temperature -50 ° F (-46 ° C )
Thread Count 17 x 17 Length & Width
Material Thickness 0.024"

Specifications subject to change without notice. All statements and technical information contained herein are based on tests we believe to be reliable, but the accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed under all circumstances. Before using Zippertubing® products, the user shall determine suitability for the intended use, and user assumes all responsibility for improper selection. Published attenuation values of Zippertubing® shielding have been verified by laboratory testing of the respective shielding materials. Actual installed attenuation values may differ due to installation techniques and final assembly operation parameters which are beyond the control of Zippertubing®. Actual attenuation values can only be determined by the end user testing the completed assembly. U.S. and International Patents and patents pending. © 2019 The Zippertubing® Company, Chandler, Arizona.

Kevlar: one of the most versatile materials ever engineered

There are so many uses for Kevlar, and that is why The Zippertubing® Company now offers this material as an addition to their ever-growing inventory of products and materials. This ballistic-grade, woven fabric Kevlar material is resistant to wear and has a high breakage strength, all while maintaining its lightweight properties. It can be configured for round, flat or rectangular wire or cable bundles, as well as other custom component configurations, and can utilize many of our different closure options.

This combination of features makes it the perfect solution for abrasion protection jackets that wrap around your critical components. Kevlar can also be applied in multiple layers for use in safety or personal protection. To determine the number of layers needed for your chosen application, testing should be completed under the given circumstances you require.

*Please note that this material will degrade in UV light, and may not retain its original properties when immersed in liquid.


  • A flexible, heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber
  • Can be sewn to other materials such as EMI shields and a variety of closures, including our hi-temp zippers


  • Operational temperature range of –50°F to 350°F
  • Clean natural yellow appearance, perfect for military or industrial applications

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